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The Constitution Party: New Home of Christian Constitutional Conservatives

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I am a former supporter of Ted Cruz for President.Ted Cruz is no longer a candidate for President in this election. I witnessed the antics against his bravery demonstrated at the Republican pipkinNational Convention, and their rules changes which have finalized the long-term process of the Republican Party establishment becoming the mirror image of the corrupt Democrat Party establishment.

As a result, as Ronald Reagan once said about the Democrat Party leaving him, I have taken note that the Republican Party has left me, and I have seen fit to follow another course. I am now a devoted member of the Constitution Party, and I fully support its nominee for President, Darrell Castle.

I now continue hearing a steady drumbeat narrative: “No 3rd Party candidate can possibly win…”
“Voting 3rd Party is a vote for Clinton…”
“You’re wasting your vote.”

I’m curious… Since “the odds of winning” appears to be the basis for how these people decide their votes, perhaps they can answer a few simple questions…

Do our votes only count if they are cast for the candidate who wins?

Which candidates have ‘acceptable’ chances of winning, and which are we allowed vote for?

You say “no third-party candidate can win…” Are we strictly limited to voting for either Clinton or Trump, as non- third party candidates?

Two of the five candidates – Clinton and Trump – are corrupt leftist tyrants. All but Darrell Castle are Leftist Progressives who will subvert our religious liberties under the First Amendment and sacrifice or at least compromise our liberties to keep and bear arms guaranteed under the Second Amendment.

All but Darell Castle will continue funding Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars.

All but Darrell Castle will raise taxes & increase the federal minimum wage.

All but Darrell Castle support Government-funded healthcare.

All but Darrell Castle support the perversion of marriage, and the right of men and women to “self-identify” gender to access restrooms designated for the opposite sex.

Given these facts, as well as many others, why would we or should we feel compelled to trust any of these candidates, except for Darrell Castle, with future nominations to the Supreme Court?

At some level, every candidate except for Darrell Castle is pushing a leftist agenda, to varying degrees of evil, which will sacrifice the Rule of Law that guarantees our equality as they erode and destroy our Constitution.

Personally, I was taught from a child that, just because everyone else may be doing something that is wrong doesn’t give me an excuse to do the same. As I remember, it went something like this:

“If everyone else is jumping off a cliff, are you going to do it, too?”

Never was I taught that it is acceptable to support and promote evil merely because it may be popular at the moment.

That childhood lesson is quite appropriate today. At the end of this election, none of us truly knows who will win. But if we end up with either Clinton or Trump as President, I have resolved, they will not get there with the endorsement of my vote.

There is only one candidate I can support in this election, in good conscience. At the same time, there is the neat little side benefit of building the new home for Constitutionist Conservatives.

That’s the reason I’m voting for Darrell Castle. That’s the reason I am #exGOP, and now a member of the Constitution Party.

If you are truly tired of the loss of our rights –
Tired of our government remaining a sanctuary for an elite class of rulers, immune from prosecution and accountability to their duties and responsibilities under the law, then there is a simple solution.

Stop voting for it.

Let’s build a new party together. We have an opportunity to support a candidate for president in good conscience, and at the same time build a party that will defeat the corrupt duopoly that currently enslaves us.

All that is necessary is for patriotic Americans who are truly devoted to the Constitution to step up and defend it. Unlike our Founders, we don’t even need to travel across the seas or take up arms to accomplish this.

Our Constitution is under siege from the gravest threat it has ever faced: A complacent, dispassionate citizenry, willing to be told how to vote.

I am not so very old, yet I remember a time not so long ago when the biggest mistake a person could make was to tell an American that he or she must vote a certain way, or is not allowed to vote a certain way.

Today, we find ourselves faced with four out of five candidates for president who have vowed to subvert our liberties guaranteed under our Constitution. In addition, we’re being told that we are only allowed to vote for one of two candidates making that vow.

Where are you, patriotic Americans?
Where are you, courageous Conservatives?
Where are you, God-fearing Christians?

On Inauguration Day, our new President will take the Oath of Office prescribed by our Constitution. That person will pledge to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Is Hillary Clinton worthy of that pledge?
Is Donald Trump?

If the answer to that question is “no,” then you owe it to yourself, and more importantly, our Constitution, to make the right choice.

Darrell Castle is worthy of that pledge. He also represents a party that maintains a platform dedicated to keeping that pledge.

Choose a President who will defend Liberty.
Choose a President who will remain faithful to the Constitution.
Vote your conscience.

God bless.


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