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Texas law makers need to kick red light cameras to the curb!

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When it comes to “no brainer” legislative items, a ban on automatic ticket cameras, like red light cameras should be a slam dunk.

It’s not everyday that lawmakers get to champion a cause that is constitutional and popular at the same time!

Outraged Texas voters of all political stripes like the ones in Conroe, Houston and Arlington have risen up to kick the cameras out of their cities.

Camera vendors have been caught up in scandals including a federal bribery conviction, several studies show accidents increasing where cameras are located, and a Texas judge recently ruled the entire program unconstitutional.

So why has the Texas legislature failed to pass a ban bill despite the best efforts of grassroots activists?

The answer simply boils down to dollars. The entire Texas legislature benefits from ticketing drivers with these unconstitutional and dangerous cameras. Half of the profits from red light camera fines are sent to the state!

Fortunately, in the 85th session more bills than ever before have been filed regarding red light cameras. But they are not all created equal.

Some bills are good, some are bad and some even expand photo enforcement. The camera companies are looking for other ways to rob us on the road, like school bus arm cameras and hand held speed ticket cameras. We can’t let this happen.

Our next step is to hold hearings so we can wade through the details of each bill. We want a cameras ban bill that when it passes the camera go dark! Even if that means the state will have to take a 32 million dollar cut in revenue.

With your help, we can convince the house transportation committee members to start holding hearings on photo enforcement. Without their co-operation nothing will happen, and we might be stuck with red light cameras for decades.

I need you to contact them today.  Let them know we want a real camera ban bill to pass through the transportation committee. We won’t support a bill that “phases out” red light cameras, that may continue to ticket drivers for decades.

For convenience email every single member of the house transportation committee here.  Copy and paste into your email recipient box. Tell them we want a hearing on a real camera ban bill.

Tell them we want a real red light camera ban one that actually pulls the plug on the cameras and kicks them to the curb.  We want a bill that as soon as it passes the cameras go dark!

We will not tolerate a bill that allows the state, the cities and the out-of-state private vendors to keep up the current highway extortion scheme for the next 20 years.

Most counties do NOT enforce red light camera tickets! Keep your $75

Your county tax assessor is the lynch pin to the entire program.  If they have chosen NOT to enforce by with holding your vehicle registration for unpaid camera tickets you can trash them with absolutely no lash back.

So trash your tickets!

Kelli Cook
Gulf Coast Regional Coordinator
Camping for Liberty

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