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Who has the ownership of your personal property? The community, town, city or municipality in which you reside? Is it the independent school district (ISD)? Or is it the county? Or maybe the state of Texas itself?

The typical reaction people have is, “I own my house.” Or, “I own my land.” But is this the actual case?

Jackie, my wife, and I have resided in Weatherford for the past eleven years. We built a 1648 square foot residence with three bedrooms and two bathrooms on a subdivision lot which is roughly 75′ x 125′. We live in the city limits, inside the Weatherford ISD, Parker County, and in the state of Texas. This huge estate has an appraisal value of $150,000 more or less. The property tax collected for last year was $3,600! That is $300 per month or $10 per day!

When does this taxation end on my home and lot? Never! Should you be blessed and not owe any mortgage on your home or property, you still pay your property taxes. However, when you retire, you will see a decline of some $1200.

A friend of mine in Tarrant County has had his property taxes go up by 29 percent in the last two years. Current state law mandates no greater increase than 10 percent in a given year. Two years ago his grew by 10 percent. This year 10 percent. He is protesting.

Who has ownership of your residence or land? Government at all levels. The city, ISD, county and state are all owners. These government institutions allow us to rent the homes and land. We will never own this property. So much for living in the land of a free people with constitutional rights.

In addition to all of this, the city of Weatherford believes it has the authority and power to decide whether or not I can cut a tree down on this lot. Even if I planted the tree and no longer desire it in the yard. They will fine me should I not notify them. Should I be the great citizen, go so to the city office, tell them I wish to cut a tree down, I must pay for a permit. Then they will ask me will I be replacing the tree and with what type of tree! Really? “I own my property!”

The Constitution Party of Texas holds to this fundamental truth – Each individual possesses the right to own and steward (manage) personal property without government burden.

Are you burdened?

How should we approach the reformation of property taxes? Here is a short list of how members and candidates of the Constitution Party of Texas are seeking to remove these burdens of personal and real property taxes.

First, we must realize republicans and democrats have placed these burdens upon us. They believe in a democracy. This is to say, they believe we elected them to place laws of restrictions and burdens upon the citizens. They are not the answer. They are the root of the issue.

Now to be fair, the Constitution Party of Texas knows not all of our elected public servants believe in this manner. There are a few and we will support those individual servants.

Our members attend city, county and ISD meetings. We strive to stay in contact with our state representatives and senators and lobby for reform. We have a team of members who vet candidates. The Constitution Party of Texas holds all elected public servants to the words verses the votes they cast. These servants are to have the highest of integrity, a desire for liberty and a vision to see each Texan to prosper.

We elect servants, not rulers. We have the responsibility to vote the rulers out and replace them with servants of the people. We live in a land governed by a declaration, constitution and bill of rights. These documents elevate the individual citizen with guaranteed rights of liberty and freedom.

Lastly, we are demanding the immediate removal of all property taxes and no new taxes. We are seeking the present sales tax be permanently fixed and government must be streamlined.

Do you know what I could buy or invest with my hard earned $3600? What could you do with your salary?

We must ask ourselves a question and live with the answer. “What future do I desire for myself, my children and my grandchildren?”

Should your response be, “I desire no property taxes. No burdensome government regulations, such as may I cut a tree or not. I desire to own my home and land.”

Then contact Governor Greg Abbott, your state senator and representative. Also, we must all contact Joe Straus and insist he no longer serve as Texas House speaker. Remind them the eyes of Texas are upon them. We are going to hold them responsible and bore new members in their place.

Join us in the Constitution Party of Texas. We need your personal involvement in order to restore our constitutional rights in Texas. Contact me at 940-859-6435 or via email at I look forward to hearing from you.

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