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What harm do Sanctuary Cities do?

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There have been a great deal of protests of Mayors as well as the Government of California in regard to becoming Sanctuary Cities or again California “Sanctuary State” fighting against the Federal Government. While in Texas the State Government wants to end Sanctuary City policies.

These Mayors, Police Chiefs and some Sheriff’s who say that there are many people in their cities who are illegally here and they are afraid to come forward to report crimes unless they know that they will not be arrested and deported. In the case of California we have a huge number of illegal alien residents in that State and they claim that there is very little crime by the illegal immigrants in their communities, because the people feel safe in those communities.

I would say that I have a problem in believing these people, simply because of the type of people that are let free in our towns and cities by these jurisdictions. I looked up for the State of Texas those cities that do not co-operate with ICE/Border Patrol and found some hard statistics. ICE issued a number of Retainer requests to these cities and they were refused, and the people were let go. Here are the numbers:

City or County Citizenship/ Convicted of Date Retained Date Released
Bastrop TX Guatemala Indecent Exposure 12/1/16 2/3/17
Travis County Mexico Assault 12/11/16 2/1/17
Mexico Prohibited Weapon 7/4/16 2/1/17
Mexico Aggravated Assault 5/23/16 2/1/17
Mexico Aggravated Assault 1/8/17 2/1/17

Hispanic from various Countries including Cuba, Honduras, Mexico. Convicted of Assault, Domestic Violence, Robbery, Indecend Exposure, Carrying a Prohibited Weapon, Burglary Residence, Cocaine Possession, Sexual Assault, all of these plus Domestic Violence as well as charges of kidnapping sexual offense against a child. All of these illegal aliens were charged or convicted of these crimes. Yet when ICE issued a retainer Travis County TX ignored it and released these felons into the community.

Williamson TX  Brazil and Mexico between July 2016 and Jan 2017 illegal aliens were charged with Assault, Sex Offense Against a Child, DUI and Domestic Violence. None were released to ICE, they were instead released into the community.

There are literally 100 pages of this information where these jurisdictions are releasing these rapists, killers, wife beaters, etc., into the streets of our towns and cities. Since these are illegal aliens to begin with, and they have committed felonies they should be deported back to where they came from. Instead they are released back into the community from which they were arrested in the first place.

The Police and Sheriff departments tell us that their neighbors will report crime because they are not afraid to report knowing they will not be deported. There is one problem with this assumption, and that is, the criminals are living in the same neighborhoods, the people may not be afraid of the police, but they are certainly afraid of the criminals. They will not report the crimes, because they don’t want to be killed for “snitching”

In addition, there was a report that came out a short while back that showed there was a rise in violent crime in those places where they had become “Sanctuary” for illegals. The people who did the study, claim that this is statistically minor and should not be used to say there is a problem in these localities. I took Economics and Statistics in college, in the same semester. We worked on the same types of problems in each class, and in Economics we had one answer while in the Statistics class we have a totally different answer to the same set of parameters. Not only was that a really tough semester, it was also one that taught me that statistics can be made to say whatever you want them to say.

The truth is that there is a spike in crime in those areas where the criminals feel safe over those places where they are not safe, where policing is strict and the rule of law is held to be sacred. Sanctuary Cities are dangerous places to live in, rape, murder, armed robbery are all higher in these places, and the people who live in those neighborhoods keep quiet out of fear for their lives. Here are some photo’s, provided by the Remembrance Project

We in the Constitution Party believe that it is right and proper for our cities to be safe, that our citizens are safe. We want our borders secured, and we want ICE to be able to deport illegal criminals, and the Border Patrol can stop illegal aliens from entering our country in the first place. This is a photo of the Quilt made by the Remembrance project of those who have been killed by illegal criminals in our country.

The Constitution is clear on this issue: Article 1 Section 8 Powers granted to Congress (4) To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.

Article 6 Section 2: “Supremacy of the National Government” This constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

The laws establishing the Presidents role in immigration policy is covered by Article 6 Section 2 of the Constitution. Congress makes the laws regarding immigration, the President is tasked with enforcing those laws, and with insuring that our citizenry is kept safe from harm by those who would enter our nation with out proper authorization (illegally). If we are truly a nation of laws, then we must adhere to those laws. We support the Immigration and Naturalization Service, in the proper screening of immigrants, the apprehending and deportation of illegal aliens, and the protection of our borders.

These last two pictures are only to show up close and personal what has happened to these men who work to protect the citizens of our nation. There are hundreds more of these folks. That Quilt that is at the top of this section is just a smattering of those who have had their lives ended by illegal aliens in our country.

Some killed and then set on fire, some were raped first then killed and left on the side of the road. All were killed by illegal alien criminals and Sanctuary Cities are to blame for many of these deaths. When law enforcement, becomes law breakers, anarchy and chaos follow in short order.

President Trump ended the stop and release program of President Obama. He has now decided to reinstate that policy and so Border Patrol now is back to stopping illegals at the border and then releasing them into the country. How many more killers are now on the streets because of this crazy policy!

John Quigley
Constitution Party of Texas.

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