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Update on Texas Special Session

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With only 2 weeks left to the Special Session, it is obvious that the Texas State House is not interested in passing the legislation that the Governor wanted to be passed, they are moving at what the Dallas Morning News calls a slower pace. Like the United States Senate, the House in Texas is obstructing legislation they don’t like. Here is where the legislation stands as of the 4th of August.

 Sunset Legislation – passed by both houses, State Senate and House.

  1. Teacher pay – Senate passed a measure to give raises to teachers, the House has yet to act. On Aug 1st House passed the bill for Retired Teachers
  2. School Finance Commission – Senate passed, House has it in committee.
  3. School Choice for Special Needs Children – Senate passed, House has it in committee no vote yet.
  4. Limiting growth of property taxes. – Senate passed, House passed only in Committee has not yet voted in the full House.
  5. Capping local government spending: – Senate has been read but no vote yet, House passed in committee but not to the floor as yet.
  6. Capping State Gov spending: Passed in the Senate, no action in the House
  7. Limiting Local Tree Regulations: Passed in the Senate, No action in the House
  8. Speeding local government permitting process: Passed in the Senate, no action in the House.
  9. Preventing Construction rules changes: Considered in the Senate, no vote yet, referred to committee in the house.
  10. Restricting Cities ability to annex property: Passed in the Senate, given to committee in the House no further action as of yet.
  11. Pre-empting local texting and driving regulations: Passed by the Senate, no action in the House.
  12. Restricting Trans Gender use of restroom facilities: Passed in the Senate, no action in the House.
  13. Prohibiting union dues payroll deduction from State workers pay: Passed in the Senate, referred to a committee but no action taken as yet.
  14. Prohibition on tax money going to planned parenthood: Passed by the Senate, no action in the House.
  15. Limiting abortion plans in Insurance policies: Passed in the Senate, Passed by a committee in the House.
  16. Increasing abortion reporting: Passed by both houses.
  17. Strengthening do not resuscitate protections: Passed in the Senate, sent to committee in the House no action yet.
  18. Cracking on Mail in Ballot election fraud: Passed in the Senate, Sent to Committee in the House – no action as yet.
  19. Extending the Maternal Mortality Task Force: Passed in both houses.

It is time for the Texas House to get it’s act together and get these bills passed and on to the Governors desk for signature.

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