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Chairman’s Corner

Daniel New was appointed Acting Chairman on 7 November 22015 by the Constitution Party of Texas Executive Committee.

Daniel is a author, public speaker, ornamental horticulturalist, now an organic farmer/rancher in Texas. Have dined with cannibals in Papua New Guinea and congressmen in Washington, D.C. (and in general  prefers the company of the former). He has been a guest on more than 5,000 radio shows, promoting the idea that America’s military should remain American, not placed under the control of the United Nations. Father of former SPC Michael New, the only American soldier ever court-martialed for wanting to serve his own country exclusively.


2016 – When the GOP Implodes, Will We Be Ready?

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Chairman's Corner, Daniel New, Featured | Comments Off on 2016 – When the GOP Implodes, Will We Be Ready?

Amidst all the hoopla of presidential debates and primaries and polls, the minor parties, the several “third parties” are lost in the dust.  We seem irrelevant. When there is a conservative Republican, the Constitution Party in particular is placed in an awkward position.  After all, most of us left the Republican Party because we felt we were not being given enough conservative candidates, so most conservatives stay within the fold and vote for that losing conservative candidate. Ron Paul, for example, absolutely killed the...

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The REAL Differences Between the Two Parties

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Chairman's Corner, Daniel New, Featured | Comments Off on The REAL Differences Between the Two Parties

In a Washington Times op-ed piece, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicts the possible end of the Democratic Party as we know it. Well, none of us in the Constitution Party would shed tears over that, but here’s the problem:  if the Republican Party should win the White House and both houses in Congress, and if it enjoys that monopoly over the federal government for more than eight years, then the dictatorship of the Right will, in the end, be no better for...

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There is only ONE Pro-Life political party in Texas!

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in Chairman's Corner | Comments Off on There is only ONE Pro-Life political party in Texas!

Constitution Party supporters and friends: In the midst of preparing for the upcoming 2014 elections I want to remind all members and friends we are the only 100% pro-life party, without apology, without compromise and without exception.  I believe God will honor our efforts in this regard. Our party platform lists the Sanctity of Life at the very top — out of alphabetical order for a reason – because of its importance. January 22, 1973 is a day that will live in infamy.  Now, some 41 years from that fateful decision over 50 million...

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We have candidates!

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 in Chairman's Corner | 1 comment

Constitution Party members and friends: YES, WE HAVE SOME QUALITY CANDIDATES FOR 2014. So get ready to hold or attend precinct conventions and county convention meetings and help collect signatures on petitions beginning March 12 to get us on the ballot. Marine Corps veteran Michael Bishop has filed his candidacy for governor of Texas under banner of the Constitution Party.  Bishop, 65, is a resident of Nacogdoches County and a retired chemist.  He is married and has four children.  “My goal is to return the State of Texas to the...

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News from the Chairman – February 2013

Posted by on Feb 22, 2013 in Chairman's Corner | Comments Off on News from the Chairman – February 2013

Dear Friends of Constitutional Government, It seems Obama is marching toward implementation of his Marxist, Socialist policies with little or no resistance from the GOP. Gun control seems to be at the top of Obama’s list. For the most recent Newsletter from National, including the party’s position on the Second Amendment, click here. Many of our state organizations have already begun planning for the 2014 elections. As many of you know, we need over 50,000 valid signatures to achieve ballot access in Texas. Our next ballot access...

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Update Dec 2012

Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Chairman's Corner | Comments Off on Update Dec 2012

Dear friends of liberty and freedom: The election is over and “The people” have spoken.  Or, did MSM speak using “The people’ as puppets using questionable vote counting mechanisms?  We may never know for sure. To read the Thank You message from our  presidential candidate, Virgil Goode and comments from our National Chairman, Frank Fluckiger, click here for News at a Glance #14. For an analysis of the election by VP candidate and former National Chairman, Jim Clymer, click here. Texas activity and inquiries have...

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Virgil Goode qualifies in Texas as write-in candidate for President.

Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Chairman's Corner | 7 comments

That’s right! I have Goode news. Texans have another choice for president. Virgil Goode will be a write-in candidate for president along with his running mate, Jim Clymer for vice-president. Now, Texans don’t have to stay home nor vote for the lesser of two evils. We salute Ron Paul fans and encourage all who pursue the same cause for which Ron Paul has stood for over three decades. I’ve personally known Ron and his family over 18 years and have great respect for Ron Paul and his unwavering principles. We’ve known from the...

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Special Request for Electors for Virgil Goode

Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Blog, Chairman's Corner | Comments Off on Special Request for Electors for Virgil Goode

To those of you who voted in the primary for Ron Paul or candidates in other races we understand. It’s become rare over the years to actually vote “for” a candidate. However, if you are a registered voter and did not vote in the primaries (and don’t intend to vote in runoff elections) you have a rare opportunity to serve as an Elector for Constitution Party Candidate Virgil Goode. A former six term congressman from Virginia, Virgil previously served several years in the Virginia Assembly. Virgil joined our national...

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Chairman Moment July 2012

Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Chairman's Corner | Comments Off on Chairman Moment July 2012

Constitution Party Members and Supporters: If you missed our State Convention on June 9 in Huntsville, you missed a good one.  Alpha Omega Academy provided excellent facilities and the food and fellowship made the event worthwhile. Our speakers included Rusty Thomas, a tireless pro-life warrior and founder of Elijah Ministries whose message was titled, “The True Nature of the Battle”.  By popular demand, Richard Ohendalski expanded his 2010 message on “Biblical roots of our civil government”.  Dr. Dan Coleman, Texas...

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Personnel & Convention Updates

Posted by on Mar 9, 2012 in Chairman's Corner | Comments Off on Personnel & Convention Updates

Dear Constitution Party members, friends and supporters: First, a quick update on some personnel changes – then on to pressing business. At our February Executive Committee meeting, long time Chairman Bryan Malatesta resigned and I was elected Chairman. Most of you already know me. I joined the party in 1996 and ran as a candidate for state representative in 1998 and served as Treasurer for several years. Bryan is taking on a new role as Public Relations Director. Princeton resident Tiffany Long was appointed State Treasurer. Daniel New,...

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