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Membership Application

Welcome to the Constitution Party of Texas!  Fill out the form below, and help us give Texas voters some common sense, Constitutional candidates, as opposed to the socialists and populists and demagogues we’ve been getting from the so-called “two party system”.

Membership levels are as follows:

  • Annual Membership $25.00 for an individual membership or $35.00 for a couple.
  • Lifetime Membership for a one time fee of $500;
  • Sustaining Partner for $50 a month.  This program will result in your being promoted to a Life Member at the end of a year.
  • Buck-a-Day” Club ($365, paid any way you choose),
  • Guardian of Liberty – $12 a month = $144 a year
  • Student Membership – $12 a year

After submitting the form below you will be given an opportunity to continue to a web page where you can pay your membership annual dues with your credit or debit card processed by PayPal. If you’d rather not pay online click here and download an application and mail with your payment to the address on the form.

Constitution Party of Texas
PO Box 48879
Fort Worth, Texas 76148

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